Thursday, November 30, 2017

Happy Endings!!

Do you believe in happy endings?
Does it always end with  happily ever after?
How do you know that this is the happy ending?
How do we define these terms?

Acrylic on canvas. The original painting courtesy google. I call this "The Wait".
Wore that red dress you liked on me,
Adorned my ears with red rubies,
Sprayed our favorite perfume...
But you keep me waiting too long?
Is our love not for keeps?
Are we never going to be happily ever after?
The fragrance is wearing out,
My feet hurt in the heels,
But you still aren't here?
Is our love not for keeps?
The wait - don't make me wait too long,
Don't make me so independent, that I don't need you anymore.

I, frankly do not believe in a so called 'Happy Ending'. Yes,we see and hear that people are happy. But I do not know how do you know that this is the happy part of it, if you aren't happy? I mean, we are not actors in a Bollywood love story to have this lovey dovey , high profile life. We struggle every day, the struggle isn't just professional, it is personal too. People judge, people expect and no matter what you do, it is never enough, until you give up one day.Guess the day we give up on trying to make others happy, is the day we start living. They say keep on giving without expecting anything in return, but I do not even understand how does this work. I mean, how can I keep on loving without being loved in return. Till when I continue helping someone, if all they do is turn their backs to me when I am in need. If at the end, I end up with only expectations and longing, then why not redirect my effort in making myself happy, helping myself. If not a happy ending, atleast I will sleep like a satisfied soul. But why is it so difficult to implement this? Why don't we learn from our sufferings? Top this with an OCD and the ticking biological clock and what are you left with ? A mundane life, studies, job, marriage, kids, death - only to realize you went with the flow and weren't happy throughout.

Leaving you with this beautiful Punjabi song playing non-stop on my playlist - Qismat..

Je hun tu vi badal gya,
Mai te mar hi javangi..

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