Friday, November 10, 2017

Rangoli Times!!

As a kid, rangoli on Diwali was more of an unsaid competition. I still remember all the aunties in the colony getting up at dawn and drawing fabulous designs, each had their own specialty. Some made those fab designs with dots and some made free hand drawings. If that wasn't less, the rangoli's would be redrawn in the evening and decorated with flowers and diyas. Just like heritage, the rangoli designs changed hands, from mothers to daughters. Mom drew beautiful flowers and petals. The only help the cousin and I could do was fill in colors, which had to be redone by mom, anyways! Each time I saw a beautiful design with dots, I'd be geared up the next morning, but the dots never fell in place, forget completing the rangoli.. and then it was mom's flowers again.
When we grew up and understood that it was perfectly acceptable to draw with a chalk and then fill in colors, the cousin and I fought over who'd make the rangoli. Finally we were given our corners in the house and we'd have three different rangoli designs.Eventually things changed, we grew up, moved out of our little nests. It had been 8 years when last Diwali, all I wanted was to make a rangoli and so I did! It came out to be like a crayon drawing by a five year old. Spirits dampened, the rangoli powder was packed and kept in one of the corners of the house for an entire year, when this Diwali the artist in me awoke again :D I purchased new colors, not thinking of what I already had and was all geared up, looking on the internet for "EASY" or "BEGINNER" designs. I think I did an okayish job here. So, three rangolis for three days of Diwali :)
Without anymore ado, here's presenting the designs -

Day 1 - the quintessential peacock design. If you'd ask mom in her sleep what rangoli I made, she'd always say peacock... I wouldn't agree that the shapes are good.. but it's fine I tried (this is me totally telling myself that it is okay)

Day 2 - Diwali!!  Tried making this beautiful design using the rangoli colors and a Q-tip, can you the see the shades of green!

Also made these rangoli designs on water... Again courtesy google!!

Day 3 - This design is a medley of all the colors I had, mixed and match everything to create this one

All designs courtesy google and youtube :) 

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