Friday, September 7, 2012

Subway strikes yet again

I love the subs at Subway with extra mayo and sweet onion sauce, perfect for filling up an empty stomach and treat for the taste buds! But I get really very very pissed off when the essentials (sweet onion sauce, mayo, onions, capsicum and lettuce) are missing. I mean what is a sub without all the essentials? Why call it a sub altogether?

                When I shifted to this new place and was food hunting , I was so happy to see this Subway. Later, to my surprise they dint have half of the essentials. No fresh bread, though they proudly boasted, “We bake our own bread” signboard. I mean only one of the five varieties of bread. And forget the sub of the day completely, you go at breakfast and they’d say the essentials haven’t arrived yet, you go for lunch or dinner and they’d say it’s all over. Oh come on, when do we come then?? So I am entirely pissed off to stay near the well and not being able to drink water from it when I am thirsty, but God opens another door for me!!

                So, now there is a new Subway near office. I was so super excited to try it and I did too, twice. But to my surprise this is no better. They don’t have lettuce most of the times and if they do it’s yellow colored L Like yellow, who eats yellow lettuce …. And yet again no choice of bread. I am hating this already…

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