Friday, September 7, 2012

Blah blah blah

I return from office on a cute and happy Friday. K called to say he’d be late. As I put on the gas to make some coffee and enter my room to get in my comfortable pajamas, the doorbell rings and I see a big crowd of guys standing outside. They tell me of their Ganpati Mandal and the money I owe them. I tell them that I have done my bit and paid to the society. To which I get a staunch reply that they have a mandal right outside my society gate and I by default should be paying for it. After much persuasion, I tell them I am not going to pay and they say, they wouldn’t force me. But they just don’t leave. Even through the safety doors, I feel discomfort, I open my hair which I had tied up as one of the guys is continuously staring at my neck line. Let me tell you I am just the average kinds when it comes to looks and this was really making me uneasy. Lastly I yielded and went inside to get the money. As I hand them over the money through the safety door, one of the guys thanks me and assures me the money’d be used for good purpose and that I can come over to see the decorations and be a part of the celebration. He refers me as sister(read shishturr) and tries striking a conversation till I hear one of the other lads proudly boast “teri shisturr hogi, meri to nahi hai”(must be your sister not mine) . I am already pissed off, Rs 100/- less than my original balance and they are driving to my nerves end, but I still politely tell them to leave..

                What in the world is this? I don’t wanna give money, I don’t wanna entertain you dude, sister or not, I don’t really care about you… Ewwwwwwwwww

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