Saturday, September 22, 2012

The highway

As a kid she was always confused when she saw her fellow kids go out with their parents and return as happy sould. First her parents never took her out and second if they did, she’d always come back crying. She dint know why but her parents found a reason to fight everytime they went out. She began avoiding going with them, but she dint really have those choices to make. Initially, she cried more when she noticed her tears went unnoticed, but later she found solace in the cold breeze, which coldly dried up her tears. She started loing the trucks on the highway, each time their bike slid besides a truck, the truck would shield her from the cold breeze. She felt warm. The highway, the lights , the trucks made her calm. Then again she had her toys with whom she’d  discuss why her parents fought.
Then she grew up. She found the love of her life, now that she had lost all hopes in an arranged marriage, she knew he was perfect for him. He cared for her, loved her and their relationship wasn’t even a bit like the one her parent’s shared. But a storm follows every silent silence. She was happy to be with him that day, they were together travelling over the highway.As she held him close, his breath mingling with hers,she felt great. But the volcano was ready to erupt. He fought with her, on small things , really small ones. Once again she travelled back to her childhood – the same highway, the same trucks, but this time it was her. Quiet and tears rolling down her eyes, she swallowed his words, she couldn’t answer him back, she was way too pre-occupied in her mind. 

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