Saturday, September 22, 2012

On longing...

Melisa lay on the hospital bed. All near and dear ones near her except him. She knew he was busy. He had office, after all it was a normal working day. So what if she was unwell, hadn’t he called her up in the morning. But wasn’t it clear to him that if she didn’t get up at that hour of time which she felt was ghostly there was something wrong with her. She had tried her level best to be normal given the fact that she was a brave hearted girl, but fever has its magic… or say black magic. She couldn’t. She was soon rushed to the hospital, was she supposed to be telling him this? Wasn’t he supposed to be asking this. Her she lay on the bed thinking about how the ethics in a relationship worked. Strange she thought to herself.
Rewind à Wasn’t he always like this she thought. The other day she was stark naked in the bed with him and he had excused himself to take a call. I mean how could he? Did he not respect her or her sentiments ? She was puzzled to the core. She din’t know what to do? At times when she longed for him he was never there and then obviously she reasoned with herself, don’t they stay real far from each other, isn’t he a big busy man and has a loads of work to do, her self esteem feel to grounds she had never imagined. She longed for his sweet smile, his touch, but would get it if only he was in mood.
Coming back to the present and reminding herself of those times he had ruined her mascara, she let it go. She knew that was the best thing for her. She knew he’d call, make up for something he dint feel was his wrong and then she’d gleefully be with him again. But this time she took a different decision..  As tears made her pillow wet, she let their relationship die with the drained tears.

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