Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Breaking the blog-dharna..

So well yes, I am breaking the blog-dharna.. and writing...
This is a cheat post though..
Don't read.. it might just be full of crap :)

I am going all donuts over the song.. aaj blue hai paani paani paani..
It has got stuck to my tongue and my music player...And my radio has been laid to rest..

HTC is playing games with me...
Seriously "Quit playing games with my heart and my messages"..
Each time I try typing something, it introduces tabs and spaces and asteriks.. Don't know why!
And each time I try browsing the internet, I get an auto scroll... So I can't see anything , forget reading or writing.
Doesn't allow me to install any application either..
God Bless Me!

Heard "Lucky Ali" is coming to Pune for a concert and the tickets are at throw away rates... but by the time I tried booking the tickets, they were all gone.. Duh!!
I so so love Lucky Ali.. So So unlucky me :(

Baked an awesome cake this valentine's.. and devoured it :)
Made some yummy gajar ka halwa :)
I am so loving it... but hating the kilos being added..
Need to start exercising!

Archies has launched this uber cool collection of Garfield mugs,wall clocks,water bottles, totes...
Me want, me want...
I have created this awesome "Wish List" which has a collection of tops,fragrances,bags I want..
Now only if I could buy all of them..
The list just keeps on getting longer and better...

Work is sucking big time.. I so don't feel like coming to office.. Every morning I feel the "Monday blues"..
I am not a workaholic, but I don't like No-WORK either...
So feels bad and boring and so-not-ME-types...
What with you peepz??

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