Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gals will be gals!!

One of my friends [Calling her SK on the blogosphere] purchased a beautiful anarkali suit online. We were a bit hesitant while ordering it coz no doubt it was too beautiful and aptly priced but buying it online looked risky, but then we being we , ordered it! When the delivery was received we couldn't help but go awwwwwwwwwwwwww as the beauty of the suit!! It is awesomeee...

Happiness is... ordering an anarkali suit online and it being exactly what you expected!!

So when both of us were going gaga about the suit and SK was feeling like a princess already without even having it stitched, following is the conversation we had.

A lil' more background - I was asking her to get it stitched and wear it soon so I could see her in it and she was suggesting I'd rather wear it coz she was waiting for appropriate occasion to wear it!!

Her [1:35 PM]:
  tu pehen lena

Me [1:35 PM]:

Her [1:35 PM]:
  but mera tujhe ayega nai

Me [1:35 PM]:
  nahi aayega

Her [1:35 PM]:
  tera figure sexy he na mere se ;)

Me [1:36 PM]:
  BULKY is the right word

Her [1:37 PM]:
  its sexy
  ask those who dont hv ;)
  but a problem too

Me [1:37 PM]:
  more of a problem
  khane me namak jyada nahi hona chahiye
  kam ho to theek hai.. daal sakte hain

Her [1:39 PM]:
  kya analogy he
  waah waah

Me [1:39 PM]:
  haina kamaal!!

Her [1:39 PM]:
  ekdum engineering style :P
  samjhi na

Me [1:44 PM]:
  aur kya!
  aisi chat hai ye
  can take a snapshot and put it on my blog :P

Her [1:44 PM]:
  Haha lolzz

Gals will be gals!! Can talk about anything and everything under the universe.. can fix in any analogy anywhere and still go around and laugh about it!!
Celebrating being a gal.. :)
Cheers to all the gals who can chat non-stop, don't let distances matter when it comes to gal-friends, enjoy life and make each other smile no matter how low they'd be!
If you are a gal, pat your back, put on that pout and smile!
We definitely make this world a better place to stay in!


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