Tuesday, September 16, 2014

About lunches!!

We are served lunch at office. The lunch hours last from 12:00 noon to 2:15 PM. Our company offices are located at four different locations in the city and I have worked at each of these locations. 2:15 is the hard stop and even if you are a second late then good bye lunch! Some of the serving staff is rude enough to start packing the food when you are trying to fill your plate.. and believe me it is rude.. very rude.. they may have their timelines, that I do understand but it is still rude!!
I was in a compulsory training with 8 other colleagues which went from 12:30 to 2:30. On usual days, the trainer would leave us by 2:00, giving us enough time to have our lunches! This particular day the training stretched and we were late for lunch. Just to try our luck, we visited the cafeteria to see if you could get anything to eat; though we knew we could still meet rude faces like in the other 3 locations! We entered inside and saw the cafeteria staff having lunch with their head. As soon as we entered, he asked us if we wanted lunch. When we answered in a yes, he was courteous to tell us there was enough lunch for all of us and we could take it from the store room! Now this was a surprise! And as if this wasn't enough one of the other staff members actually guided us to the store and helped us fill our plates! With a smile :) he told us we could take a refill so needn't hurry!

Brought a smile to our faces :)

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