Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I scream , you scream just for ice-cream!!

No, this post isn't about the new flavor of ice-cream I tasted.. for that instance I don't remember I last time I even tried ice-cream... thanks for the ever multiplying pounds and inches!! But this has something to do with ice-cream, hence the name..

There is a Naturals ice-cream corner on the road back home from office, and no I don't remember ever stopping them to slurp on the tasty devil.. but anyways. For those who don't know or haven't tried, Naturals is an ice-cream brand who boast of natural ice-creams and I absolutely love the Mango ice-cream there, you will too...
So, we'd been returning from office one day and got stuck in traffic right in front of Naturals. The shop is adjoining the gate of a big housing society and often I'd look at the guards at the society gate and imagine how they'd want to eat ice-cream every time they saw someone eating. There was a group of young ladies eating ice-cream and one of the guards was looking at them.. one of the girl got up , went inside the shop and got a cup of ice-cream and gave to the guy. He bowed down and thanked her. This may not sound as great when I am writing here but the expression I saw on his face was worth a mention!! If only life could be about such small pleasures and smiles, it would be a better place to live in!



  1. That's a good gesture. It's interesting that the guard accepted it.

    I love Italian softy ice creams. There is one shop that has opened near my house selling these softy ice creams and I'll have to make a huge effort to stop myself from going inside. Once I got a huge cold that lasted for 4 days. That makes it easier, nowadays!

    Destination Infinity

    1. Oh yes he accepted it... and I saw him happily devouring the ice-cream!
      Yumm to Italian softies.... I love them too! It's a fight to stop yourself from entering an ice-cream parlour!!

      Thanks for visiting!


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