Thursday, September 4, 2014

Need to write!

I have not been lazy.. It's just that I don't know what to write about... I so much should!
I haven't been reading much, not painting or drawing.. life is just going down one level every day..
So, don't really know what to scribble!
But anyways coz I need to start, writing this song I am hearing right now..
Hopefully will take up some challenge so that I come back on track!

Saare sapne kahin kho gaye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gye!

Dil se tanhayee ka dard jeeta
Kya kahein humpe kya kya na beeta
Tum na aaye magar jo gaye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye!

Tumne humse  kahin thi jo baatein
Unko dohrati hain gum ki raatein
Tumse milne din to gye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye!

Koi shikwa na koi gila hai
Tumse kab humko ye gum mila hai
Haan naseeb apne hi so gye

Haaye hum kya se kya ho gye

Remember this song? Like it?
What's up with you fellow bloggers?

1 comment:

  1. The song rhymes well. If I am not sure what to write, I will read a book or watch a movie and write a review in the blog. But these days I have four pages filled with topics - not much time to write them all! :)

    Destination Infinity


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