Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey all..
I know I have been a bad,bad blogger... everything I wanted to look back to as beautiful memories and wanted to write down has been skipped... not that I have been very tied up.. and I haven't been lazy either... but somehow my writing has hit a road block.. there's so much to write about.. And write I did for the January #2015 Blogathon... Thanks to all you people.. at least I read a lot :) You keep my heart beating.. Thanks a lot Bikram for commenting every now and then and making this place feel alive :)
More than a month has gone since my last blog post.. but then it was a busy month.. My cousin got married.. yeyeye to that! The big fat Punjabi wedding and the combined trip with the in-laws[my first with them!] kept me away for more than a week. Will post separately about the wedding and the vacations..
The work policies @office have been updated.. you need a minimum of 15 points every year via assessments[which has a 70% passing) ... and I had '0'... no raise if you don't have these 15 f***ing points.. so am just trying my level best to complete them... 10 down.. 5 more to go! And its going to be more difficult next year, I'll need 100 points for a promotion! God Bless..
Last week of February marks the starting of birthdays in the family.. 25th Feb - the BIL, 4th March - the SIL and 7th March - the Hubby! So I have been busy searching gifts, asking them for suggestions, forcing them to buy something [yes! the guys never seem to want anything and look at me... wake me at 4am and I'd have a never ending list of things I wanna buy :P], searching for recipes, asking for suggestions again on what they want to eat, grocery shopping, experimental cooking :) But then alls well that ends well! So, it did.. :) And here I am back to my beloved blog.. The birthday post will also come soon...
How have you all been??
Missed me?


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