Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blogathon 2015 #Day31 - yeye.. 31st post :)

So we have finally reached the 31st post... Pat your backs all fellow bloggers for making it!!!
Feeling strange typing from my smart phone.. Sometimes auto-correct corrects me, sometimes I correct auto-correct!! It's been a busy Saturday... Cleaning the kitchen and washing clothes.. I also cleaned my wardrobe and the dressing table.. Will be on holiday for my cousin's wedding for ten days starting the 6th of Feb.. Tried my traditional wear to make sure I fit in!! And thankfully I do!!
Guess what occupied the most space in my dressing table's drawer... My nail paints... I have 18 of them...
The hubby said I should be proud... Of holding such a record :p If only guys would understand, we couldn't ever have enough  nail paints in all shades just like we couldn't have enough clothes ....
Happy week end!!


  1. wowo you managed to complete it all WELL DONE

    I cheated a lot :) and those are some cool colors


    1. Me cheated too!! but completed... so Cheers to us!!
      Thanku... added one more.. the count is 19 now :)

  2. I love those colours, the first one especially, yes i like browns!


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