Friday, March 27, 2015

Oh What a day!!

Got up really early... like really early...
It's Ashtami today.. the 8th day of a 9-day long fest where the Goddesses are praised.
And Ashtami marks eating grains after 7 days of fasting!
Started with the prayers, cooked poori-chole-halwa-meethe chawal...
I am surprised how every time it tastes perfect, even without tasting while cooking!!
After the prayers, had an awesome time with the girls, serving them the delicacies and asking for blessings!
Remembered the times when I was a kanjak and these were the days we waited for.. all the yummy food, goodies , money and the filled piggy banks!
Had the food after taking blessings from 6 girls..
Came to office with hubby... which means an A.C. ride with nice songs and hubby for company and that too till the office gate.. no crossing, no warm winds, no scarf :) woohooo!!
And I have no work..shhh shhh..
Not a great thing though... people are bearing the brunt of very less projects and forced resignations..
I have a couple of videos and tutorial links to learn from.. but there's only so much you learn from theory and not actual implementation.. Besides the work environment is pretty disturbed due to the appraisal discussions... and obviously coz we lost the semi finals to Australia! But what a game!! Kudos to both the teams...
Hubby called to say we'd leave early from office, only to be told he needs to attend a call from home... And then update that he has a critical issue to handle, so will call me when free!!
Phewww.. here go my ideas to have gol gappe, pasta, coffee and ice cream.. What!! It's allowed, I have been living on fruits since the last 7 days...
It's too hot... I have been drinking bottle after bottle of cold water.. Kudos to the house keeping staff for maintaining the water cooler..
And while I am upto to nothing great, here's what is happening in my cube..
Apparently my manager has bought new black sneakers with a green logo.. The green is actually a hurt-my-eyes-fluorescent-green with a logo I cannot recognize and the insole of his shoes is also green.. Ask me how do I know!!
My manager is turning his chair after every 1000 milliseconds, to tie up his shoe laces, or remove and wear his shoes  again... Huh!!!
If only I could use my wand and reach home, watch back to back seasons of Friends or The Big Bang Theory or Two Broke Girls or Master chef in my room with the A.C. cooling to 22 degrees and my favorite mink blanket and my teddy bear.. with coffee and ice-cream and grapes and watermelon and pop-corn.. never mind the list is unending!!
What are you doing guys??

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