Friday, April 24, 2015

My April 2015 Fabbag

Woohooo!! 3 fab bag reviews one after the other..
But then this is the last bag for this quarterly subscription I had applied for... need to subscribe again! Cannot the bag just magically be given to me every month without me having to pay for it :P
Here is my April fabbag -

The bag has a beautiful zebra print and has been tagged as the “Nine to 9 Fab bag”. I like the bag, it looks sturdy and is spacious. Better than the Feb and March fab bags.Here are the products I received:
1.       Sample pieces of Malavara Lime Vetiver Shower gel and Body Lotion 60 ml each priced at 300/- for the gel and 390/- for the lotion
The gel and lotion are too good. The lemony lime smell is mesmerizing and stays for a long long time. I loved the light weight gel and have included it in my comfort bath time. The lotion is nice and keeps the skin hydrated. The smell just keeps me craving for more. When I got the bag, the shower gel had leaked out, so the bag smells all lemony now. The fab magazine and the coupons which came along were all wet and sticky. I had to actually wash all the products… The fab bag crew said they’d replace my shower gel, let’s see how that works! This is product I wouldn’t mind buying for myself given the luxury feel it leaves behind!

2.       Denman Volumizing Hair Brush priced at 475/-
This is a wide tooth brush and does leave the hair feel volumized. I have been planning to buy a hair brush which can easily come in my hand bag as well as my clutch.. This is one such brush, it has a compact handle, smaller than the other brushes I have…

3.       City Color Blush Quad Pink priced at 500/-
I am in love with blushes and with City Color. I got my first cheek stain from City Color in one of the fab bags and the cheek color it gives is perfect. I am more than happy to see the pink shade I got, just look at the color palette… every color is a must have!!

4.       Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel
It is an easy to use, nutrient-rich eye care gel. With the extracts of manjishta and lavender essential oil, it helps cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, and minimize dark circles and fine lines. Regular use protects and brightens the eye area. I have dark circles and was planning to buy an eye contour gel, I didn’t have too… I have been using it since I got my fab bag and waiting for the dark circles to lighten!

All in all , this is nice bag. Good looking, good smelling, luxurious products!!  

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