Friday, April 24, 2015

My March 2015 Fabbag

You know this thing about fabbag –
Till you don’t get it, you wait for it!
Once you get it, happinesss!!
Use the product and the happiness multiplies!!
And what better than to share the happiness J

The March fabbag products are fab! Have a sneak peek here

The bag has been tagged as #MakeupForDifference and it does full justice to the tag! Here are the products I received:
1.  Soul Tree Pure Black Kohl – Full size priced at 350/-
The Soul Tree Kohl range is totally herbal, smells good and is available in different colors – black, grey, blue, maroon, green to name a few. I wanted to experiment with the colors and was expecting anything else but black.. but I got black. That said, one application was enough for me to know it is good. It has ghee, natural oils and the color is perfect! It stays on and actually makes my eyes feel cool on application. It is a part of my handbag now and I use it everyday!

2. Palladio Herbal Lipstick –Flame – Full sized priced at 650/-
This lipstick is good.. First it is herbal, second the color is nice and third it smells good and stays on!! And is a part of my hand bag for daily use!

3.  Inveda BB Cream Fair Color – 15ml tube priced at 140/-
This is a small carry tube and is enriched with Almond& Magnolia. Thankfully my skin is blemish free but this does make it look pretty perfect. It doesn’t dry the skin and has SPF 20.  Got the fair shade which blends in perfectly! Must have in my hand bag!

4.  Biobloom hair conditioner – Orange Cinnamon – 30ml sample [200ml is priced at 699/-]
Haven’t used this hair conditioner yet, but it does smell good. It comes with the goodness of cinnamon & orange essential oils which are known to restore strength, add luster and fight frizzy hair!

5. A very very cute pair of Fashionography earrings priced at 249/-
Happiness comes in small packages, doesn’t it and this is one such package.. Look at earrings – Do I have to say more? Aren’t they pretty J

The products are good! This is one bag from where all the products [except the conditioner] I have been using daily and I am happy J
I didn’t like the bag though! Neither the color nor the writing over interests me, but given that it is lying in my dressing table and holding my huge nail paint collection, I have no complaints!!

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