Monday, May 11, 2015

And that's how the conversation went...

Me         Used my new debit card for the first time!
Hubby  :P  So, how did it feel?
Me         Not good! Who likes spending money?
              If only I could buy milk for free every evening and not have to pay for it!
Hubby   Pet a buffalo and milk it!
Me         And buy a farm and plant my own crops
Hubby   :D
Me         And bake my own bread in my own bakery
              And get my own hens, so that they’d give eggs
              And get an orchard to harvest my own fruits!!
   Ahhh!! If only Farmville was for real!
   Maybe I could have my own land and do everything myself…
   Have my yarn, design my own clothes.. and my foot wear too…
   Bake cupcakes and serve them in my very own cafĂ©, serve coffee along and even      have books for people to read..
Hubby goes offline… Me sits and plans about my imaginary world!

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