Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Mommy Strongest!!

    When she grew up, she loved studying.Youngest among three sisters and two brothers, she was always pampered. She was the only one who went ahead and attended college, cleared her Bachelors in Commerce, which was a big deal back then! Her hunger for food did not end there, she wanted to learn more, get a job and help support her family. But life had other plans! She lost her father. All her dreams shattered. No further studies, no job dreams, just be at home and manage the daily chores. 
   Then one day, she got married into a joint family. And the saga continued, she had to work all the time. Then she had a baby girl. Her life started revolving around her baby. Her dreams of studying and working were hidden deep inside, but she knew she wouldn't be able to pursue them. While managing her family, she also started learning. She would study with her daughter, read to her and learn talking in English. She'd practice writing in a cursive font. Then she had a son. Her family needed her more than ever. She became a "SUPER MOM". As the kids grew, she started finding time for herself. When they'd go to school, she learn crocheting and embroidery and got a certificate. She'd then teach that to girls when the kids had their summer vacation. She did a course in "Personal Grooming Management" and then came to be known for her beauty advice and facials. All this while giving all the time when her family needed her. 
Mom,Me and  Kiddo brother!
    When her daughter moved out for her further studies to a different city, she felt a set back. But that did not stop her, she was a SUPER MOM! She started teaching in a small school, teaching the needy without charging any fees. She'd also take tutions. Life was harsh, her son moved out for his further studies too and she lost her life partner. She was shattered but she had the strength, she had to live for her kids. She got a diploma in Montessory teaching and then a full time Bachelors in Education. She was no more a B.Com., what followed in front of her name was B.Com. B.Ed. Dip. Mon. , all this and a reputed position as a favorite teacher. She moved ahead, shifted in with her kids, leaving behind her home and shifting into a rented apartment. She got a job in the new city and is currently working in a reputed school. She is also looking forward to do a distant learning Masters in English course.
And I am proud to say that she is my mother! My SUPER MOM! The one whom I look forward to for all my strength! The one whom I owe a lot. The one who smiles to cheer me up even though she cries inside! Mom I love you! 

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