Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Mom-My First Expert and much more!

    We lived in a joint family, with my grand parents, uncle, aunt and my cousins. Dad is the youngest in his family and so is mum. But when they got married, Mom had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities. Looking down the memory lane, it still gives me goose bumps to imagine how mom, a 24-something then handled a huge family and had a baby too. She very happily cites how she managed to do everything and then give us all the time she could. She remembers each and every thing we did as kids. Even when she started working, she'd have her work-life balance, cooking , managing the house, having guests over and still being successful in her job. Mom had the time to cook meals we loved, bake a cake every now and then, take us out for picnics and even accompany Dad when he was overloaded. This one thing which Mom taught me just by being herself is to balance my life, give priority to my family even while carving a niche for myself. She always tells me to be an individual first, have an identity of my own and not drown under the masks of my professional life!
    No matter how much work she had, Mom would always keep her hobbies alive. I have multiple hand made sweaters, handkerchiefs with my name embroidered over it, ceramic pots with flowers designed on them... and the list goes on. Mom always talks about how important it is to keep oneself alive by doing things we love.
    Mom is famous for her cooking. No matter how less time she had, some how magically the food tastes wonderful. We had a couple of guests who'd come over just to have mom make tea for them and I wondered why! I always asked her what she did, to which she'd smile and tell, just add some love - the food will be tasty and the tummies full! I am not a great cook, I didn't really learn cooking from Mom, never had enough time to stand with her in the kitchen and learn, but some how magically when ever I cook all I get is compliments! The hubby had become an ardent follower of the morning tea and very seldom prepares it himself, even if it means waiting for me to wake up from my sleep. You were right mom, just some love!!
    For her the secret recipient for every recipe and relationship is love and I am a devotee of this little secret! She is my first teacher, my first expert - who just acts and I learn from her actions! No matter where I go, what I do Mom, you will always be the one I look forward to and will always...

No doubt, when the salt mysteriously falls in my gravy and I need a solution or when I don't understand how much dough to make when guests are coming over, I know what to do! Call the expert- call Mom!!
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