Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cerelac with paneer cubes

No, I am not suggesting any recipe what so ever.This is about one of the worst eating experiences I have had.  Office has a sad menu to offer most of the times, leaving me with little option but to venture out to soothe my taste buds. “Swami” restaurant at a walking distance from my office has some paneer delicacies. The other day, we thought of trying something different and ended up ordering “Paneer pasanda” which according to me (experience talk :P) is supposed to be  stuffed paneer in a mildly sweet white gravy. But what I got was a yellow colored gravy with excess of turmeric. It almost tasted like the turmeric milk mum forced me to drink when I had a cold. When I told the waiter about the same, he was more than glad to change it. But what he did instead was getting me a more dilute version of the same dish. And when it comes to food, I am on a big “NO COMPROMISE” mode. We offered to pay and leave as the staff refused to accept their mistake and get us something else to eat. One of the waiters requested us not to leave and said he’d change the order. We left him with the choice to get us a mildly sweet paneer dish. I don’t know what he got but it was bland… yuck… Even the feeling now makes me feel like vomiting. Bland, tasteless with a couple of paneer cubes floating in the white gravy... I mean, how can someone eat something as bland and tasteless like that… Cerelac with paneer cubes… eww eww

So, its good bye to “Swami” from meand good bye to the awesome Cheese Butter masala and the chocolate mousse cake….

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