Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pigeon Soup Anyone ???

So first, it was “Earthworms on sale” and now “Pigeon soup anyone?”
Is there always a plan B to irritate me? For instance, the previous room where I stayed, every morning greeted me with dozens and dozens of creepy earthworms free fielding on the bathroom floor. Now I have the pigeons. Its four a.m. and they would use their complete cooing (or whatever the sound of a pigeon is referred to as) power to wake me up wildly from a sweet sleep. To add to my woes is the broken kitchen window from where they enter inside and make the kitchen a birdhouse in the true sense. What began with one pigeon is now the playground of three happy pigeons. So, they fly in and out as if it’s their own territory and irritate me by their sound and all I can do is get up and shoo them away… Almost every morning I imagine myself making a pigeon soup (Don’t get it wrong, I am an animal lover otherwise, I mean a virtual pigeon soup) I am so aghast and sleepy… zzzzzzzzzzz

So, pigeon soup anyone?

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