Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thank God for toilet paper and tissue paper!

Ok, so before I begin writing this post.. lemme be really honest and tell you that I believe in the GO GREEN policies.. All my account statements come online, no paper wastage.. I show the IRCTC message and don't print the ticket while travelling.. prefer my not-so-smart-phone to jot down stuff instead of using the paper and the likes... So now that I have made my point clear let me come to the point - Toilet paper and tissue paper!!

I am so so thankful that they exist and more than that they are present inside loo's.. who'd otherwise use the soiled toilets when there is an urgent urge to. I usually avoid using them when outside.. but sometimes you just have to.. Imagine this.. you wanna use the washroom.. you find one in a shady corner.. the smell is unbearable, but ofcourse you can hold your breath for a minute.. you enter inside and see a soiled seat.. yuck.. but hey there!! you see the toilet paper hanging gladly.. *smiles*

Here's a hi5 to all those who think we should thank God for these mysteriously helpful friends!!

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