Friday, October 26, 2012


           It's a wonderful Friday morning!! Birds are chirping outside, the sun rays enter my room and warm me up. I got up in the usual I-dont-want-to-go-to-office-rant. I let my ipod sing beautiful tunes. My aching body asks for relaxation and some pampering. So here's what I did all you beautiful gals and I want you all to try this -

             I warmed up the bathing water and then indulged myself in an awesome bath. So, get some aromatic candles. I am gonna get some .Remember to light them up some time before you enter the bath and put them off before your bath, you dont wanna end up suffocating. But for today I dint have them, so they are optional. I was late already but then it was "indulgence time" , so big deal!! will reach office 30 mins late, now that wouldn't stop the earth from revolving , will it ? As I massaged my body lightly with my aromatic litchi-purple shower gel, I felt good. Wow!! Try it people, its fun and relaxing and good. Then , I dabbed some litchi-purple lotion on my body. Feels like heaven already. Energized sensed!! I am loving it :) I sprayed my favorite perfume... INDULGENCE :) SHEER INDULGENCE :) I am feeling so so happy, my perfume, my skin soft from the warm aromatic bath, my lovely pink kurti...

            Go ahead gals, indulge,do something good to feel good... It may be a bath, a talk with a friend, a small hug when your partner wouldn't really be expecting it, a small something for yourself, a plate of chaat, a slice of cheese cake or wear that favourite dress of yours, take out those lovely heels (thats what I do, I unwrap my golden heels , wear them and roam at home and then keep them up again... wow :) how happy it makes me) , gift yourself a flower, paint, sketch, sing out loud... Indulge.... Make yourself happy :)                   HAPPY WEEKENDING !!!


  1. Yes.... once in a way let things go as per your directions/decisions.
    Like you said, the world is not going to stop spinning :-)

    1. So true Haddock, the world wouldn't for sure stop its routine... but we sure can :)
      I love surprising myself...
      Have a great time!!


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