Friday, October 12, 2012

Bed bugs.... eeeeeeksss

It all started with the earthworms followed by the pigeons and now it is the “Bed-Bugs” (*eyes rolling*) I mean... Who would want their birthday week to be celebrated with bed bugs!

So, the other night when Mum, K and I were trying to catch some sleep, we felt tiny pricks. Not that this was the first time. I had been telling K over a long period of time that I felt something was biting me through the night, but given the lazy bums we are, we dint bother, until that fateful day. So , it was beg bugs everywhere, climbing down the walls, dancing upside down on the ceiling and having a relaxed time on the floor. Before we opened our eyes to realize the risk we were in they were already in millions attacking us from all the sides. So, we spent a sleepless night followed by an early morning session of pest control, which only added to our woes as we had to stay out for around 4 hours. That dint help much either coz irrespective of the “HERBAL, NO SMELL” pest control treatment, it left us coughing and our noses running. It was horrible… And then followed the regime to clean the complete house once again, dry the blankets and clothes and what and what not which were sprayed by the pesticide…

Ewww…. Hell of a time…

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  1. My goodness! We traveled a lot but have yet encountered any bed bug until last Summer. I was at Egypt and I saw couple bump here and there. Then we didn't know where we were (we went to 3 different countries) that my hubby and the girls gotten many bites. And they lasted for a long time.


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