Friday, October 26, 2012

Mistress of MISHAPS!!

Bewildered... This world is such an unsafe place. Ain't it?

I am crossing the road waiting for the signal to go red. The pedestrian sign goes green, I start walking on the zebra crossing. When I just a couple of feet away from the foot path, out of nowhere, a guy speeds on his Pulsar 220, headphones in his ears. I whisper a small prayer, what is he doing God, speeding up when the signal is red. And before I realize what has happened, I am knocked down on the road. After hitting me, the guy crashed on the road too. His bike and him at ninty degrees.My back is warm from the friction and my body is shivering. Tears start rolling down my cheeks.

Now coming to me being the "Mistress of MISHAPS". Two days prior to the accident I slipped in front of my bathroom. There was water on the floor. I had a bucket of warm water (*hands folded in prayer*) Thank God, it was just luke warm, as the lights had gone, had it been a normal the water would have been super hot, and I would have had burns along with the crash. So, I ended up spraining my right ankle, hitting my head on the wash basin and a painful back. Wet and aching, I sat there for another hour and then retired to bed.

arghhh... I am so angry. I had a viral, then a throat infection and a UTI and then a reverse viral and now I have an injured back (doesn't let me sleep on my back, have to sit perfectly straight with my back screaming out 'touch me not'), twisted ankle and body ache... :(

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