Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 3 - Blogathon or Bookathon!!

Sorry darling blog... I din't write on day3 and day 4 and day5 and day6and today is day7 of the blogathon...
But I was so busy reading that I din't find time to write..
I had this BIG interview scheduled on Saturday and I studied sincerely... didn't work, just studied the whole of Friday till Saturday afternoon..
And the interview went well.. just to know at the end that they wanted some more technologies which weren't in my resume.. damn :( but anyways..
Unhappy that I din't get selected but happy that I gave it my 100%.. C# Complete Reference was just the book.. absolutely loved it, all questions answered!!
Hubby dropped me to this far-off place for the interview.. *Hugs*.. and even picked me up half way..
I was dead tired and had absolutely no strength to type on the teeny-tiny-not-so-smart-phone I have..

Sorry blog..
I'll be gone again from Friday till Wednesday :(

How are you all peepz..
Keep up the spirit, looking at the other blogs, makes me blog :)

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