Monday, January 20, 2014


I have always loved dolls and soft toys...
I am surprised how I din't write about them yet...
Be it Archies, Crossword or any other mall or online shopping site, I'd always be window shopping for dolls and soft toys.. The kid in me still wants to buy them each time I see them..

I had this beautiful doll which my uncle got all the way from London. She had beautiful blue eyes and blue hair, a beautiful lacy blue frock and light blue shoes.. I don't a night in my childhood when I would have slept without her.
I have a collection of soft toys - a monkey, an elephant, a white tiger, a baby owl, a penguin, minnie mouse, goofy, pluto, a lion cub, a giraffe , two tortoise, a smurf.. the recent entry being Snoopy :) and they are super cute and beloved :) I can cry with them, laugh with them, dance with them... share my life with them.. I feel incomplete without them around :)

It was a friend's daughter's birthday recently and we gifted her a beautiful barbie doll set! Oh! how much I want it for myself now ;)

Here it is, have a look !!

It is the barbie-pool-grill-set.. It has a swimming pool, and you can actually pour in water :) It has an umbrella , two nicey chairs, a tape recorder, a grill, grill attachments and food items and the doll is beautiful :)
I spent almost all my time with the birthday girl assembling the doll set :) Yeee.. and I cannot tell how happy it made me.. Everybody asked me if I liked kids ;) Well I don't really know that and surely am not looking forward to one of mine soon [I do love the birthday girl .. muahhh], but I loveeeee the doll set...

Cannot imagine my life without these toys and dolls !!
Time to buy a new one :)

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