Thursday, January 2, 2014


The year 2013 has been "HAPPENING" for me..

Pause.. Rewind.. Replay...
My life changed totally this year, for good or bad.. time will tell!
I have been emotionally unstable, doing things I promised myself I wouldn't ever do, but the anger, the frustration, the impounding sorrow.. well there's just me to blame! Then there were things I knew which would just deepen my sorrow, but I still went ahead and did them.. and this with everybody I loved..
Its all about expectations I guess.. you want somethings to happen in your life.. you have this pretty perfect picture, but unpredictable as life is, the pretty and perfect picture doesn't last or sometimes doesn't just exist.. Dreams shatter, Tears flow.. --> leading to an unstable ME , who doesn't know how to behave , what to talk.. :(

I hope this year I learn from this introspection.. learn that silence is better (and then always I have my blog where I can crib)
Hoping for a great great next year :)
Wish you people have a great new year too :)

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