Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wearing the chef's hat...

Life is full of surprises and I have been surprised too much recently...
Here are some of the most beautiful ones..
So, when we reached home after the grand holiday, we were surprised to find our room beautifully decorated with balloons and chocolates.. A lot of thoughtfulness, work and love :) Thanks brother (Calling him RN on DipisBlog)Happy to have people who care and then again have the courage to show they care! *Thanks God* We were overwhelmed!
Comes night and yet another surprise,the cousin (Lets call her NN hence forth) came all the way from Mumbai! And that was not all.. there was champagne and flowers and cake and a lot of love!! Can we ask for more... Thank you RN and NN!! It really really means a lot to us :)
Saturday saw NN and me in the best of the moods to experiment and cook. We went through the recipes and decided on the menu which was quickly dismissed by the guys!! Need we say we are lucky! So, we skipped some fancy menu and bake a cake (which served 12 and so we ended up baking 3 in the ingredients prescribed for one..) When the first cake was finally ready, we dint have the patience and requested the guys to taste.. and the response was overwhelming *takes two bows, one on behalf of NN*.. We dint wait for it to cool.. It was so yummyyy.... Chocolate cake.. my first cake baked in an oven :)
We refrigerated the other cake and then put on some icing... the third cake was in our fridge for two days just to enter our tummys soon...
Thanks SS for tasting and helping us stir and everything else.. if not for you, I wouldn't have baked it :)
Thanks NN... you are such an amazing gal!!

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P.S. Blogger not allowing me to upload new pictures and reply to comments... Is any one else facing the same problem :(

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