Thursday, March 20, 2014

Be your own sunshine!

Heya peepz..
Long back when ever there were things in my mind, I'd either write them down on paper or draw stuff and then forget about them.. Then blogging happened.. Thanks to Noor.. and then I met so many people who'd cheer me up when sad, be a part of my happiness.. I derive strength when I read your blogs, my tears flow when you cry and I become super excited when you are happy..
No more do I feel the pressure of keeping things in my heart as I can put them all down here! It empties my heart and soothes my soul...

Today, I am feeling happy :)
I always tell myself to be my own sunshine.. coz if you can't make yourself happy, nobody and nothing else can!
It's difficult! But then God does give you reasons to smile and people who give you reasons too and then you shine bright!

I was feeling blue but NN [I have written about our awesome cake baking experience over here] instantly cheered me up! There's something about some people that instantly draws you to them.. the magnetic effect..

So today I am in the best of my moods... bright yellow shining like a sun literally!
Am wearing her cute yellow shirt with "Garfield" shouting out loud "Good looks are everything"
We both share our love for garfield...
And I have painted my nails an awesome pink
And I am wearing my fav blue eye liner!!
And here's the icing on the cake.. today morning NN was super cute and straightened my hair and I am loving it!!!
Yeeyyeyeyeyye :)
I absolutely love straight hair but cannot get them.. and that's not all.. they are still straight like 6 hours after she did this magic!! Thanku NN, you made my day!

Am shining!!!

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