Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The atrocities of love!

A four letter word, which can change your life forever - for good or for bad!
I am stupid when it comes to love.
Someone loves you, you love them back, then they stop loving you but how do you do the same?
If a two lane traffic suddenly becomes one lane without you knowing it and you are on the other side of the road and so so bad at traffic sense, how'd you handle it?
Tears follow more tears and then some more till they dry, but next time they start again.
It's better not to love at all than to love and lose, and that too when the loss is the person being with you all the time but still not there to support you!
Life is a difficult games and for a non-player it can really throw challenges.. so what do you do - become a player or just let go!
In both the cases, it burdens your own soul... lost self-confidence, lack of self-respect, anxiety, depression...
It's like walking in a blind alley, can't enjoy the journey, don't know the destination..
Fear grips, words cease to come out, lips are better sealed.. but till when can you live like this..
Go with the flow, adjust with the high and low tides or break away and fly to an unknown destination.. not that the current destination is a known one...
Break or make...
Continue or disrupt..
Be or not to be...
Do or not to do..

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