Thursday, March 6, 2014

Updates Updates!!

A lot has been happening in life..
A mixture of good and bad.. Each time I see a dark cloud, I try and find out the silver lining around it. Let's see how long this approach works..
  • The other day I forgot to wash my coffee mug @ office desk, so just filled it with water and left for the day.The next day found the mug shining clean in the pantry :) Somebody was thoughtful enough to wash it for me!! Now that's what we call "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING"

  • I saw a horrid accident just seconds after the impact.. :| Am praying that everybody is fine. The bikes were badly shattered.. Fortunately, as it happened right in front of the office gate, the security guards played good Samaritans and took care of the situation - right from the people to police to ambulance to the bikes! Kudos guys!

  • Work and environment in office has hit an all time low. Don't know what I am working on and what for! New people are being recruited in the team with absolutely no existing work.. There have been no promotions , no appreciations , no onsite for the AAM-AADMI.. But for the manager-ko-butter-lagao population , life's good and I don't fall in this category.. :S Disgusting..

  • Need to start reading,writing,painting,drawing... HUH!! I have become such a bore.. all work and no play has made me a dull girl..

  • I have become over sensitive from the last few days [Blame PMS!!] and have been crying for no reasons at all.. and for reasons I have been crying a lot.. My eyes are paining and I try and stare at the screen to write this post..

  • Joined the office gym.. been a week.. let's see how long I carry on.. I hope I do.. the adding kilos and extending inches have already made me super conscious and hurt my self respect...

  • Don't know what's with acne and me.. I din't get them as a teenager and now they are sprouting like mushrooms on my face, arms,back... I am hating it already :| Life sucks with acne.. Have finally switched to using Neem face wash.. hope it works..

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