Friday, March 28, 2014


Sometimes life just doesn't move the way you expect,
Sometimes the road is full of potholes,
Sometimes there are no roses , just thorns,
Sometimes there is no silver lining to the dark clouds,
Sometimes no matter how much you try whatever you do turns out to be incorrect,
Sometimes no matter how much you work , you won't get any appreciations,
Sometimes the maze you are stuck in will never have a way out,
Sometimes the game you play will always be won by the opponent,
Sometimes you won't have a say in your own life,
Sometimes people will be always be cruel and not care for you,
Sometimes you'll be stuck in between decisions which are both equally important,
Sometimes your life's biggest happiness will not be taken in consideration,
Sometimes you'll be left alone , crying to yourself,
Sometimes you'll find yourself with no way to move ahead on,
Sometimes you'll realize the relationship you think you are in, is a one sided one,
Sometimes you'll have no options in life,
Sometimes life will be so harsh that your tears will dry,
Sometimes you will have nothing else but pity for yourself,
Sometimes all you'll have is broken confidence and lost self respect,
Sometimes you'll paste that plastic smile just to let people think you are happy,
Sometimes the tide will always be strong whenever you wander near,
Sometimes there will be no stars to cheer you up when you glance in the night sky,
Sometimes you'll cry silent tears,
Sometimes there will be no one to wipe your tears,
Sometimes you'll feel you are a liability,
Sometimes all you'll have is sadness and you'll spread it around,
Sometimes the cartoons you draw will end up looking sad no matter how much you try,
Sometimes you won't be able to express yourself and the incomplete blogs would lie in the drafts,
Sometimes missed calls will stay unreturned and messages unanswered,
Sometimes life will be full of unanswerable questions,
Sometimes all you can do is sulk and repent,
Sometimes you'll be scolded for no mistake of your own,
Sometimes you'll be responsible for every wrong,
Sometimes no matter how much you love, all you'll get is hatred...

Hope such sometimes stay for some time and not become a lifetime...
Coz... at such times.. all you can do is QUIT!!

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