Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stupid Observations!

A very very stupid post ahead... Please avoid and ignore if busy!
  1. "Tune maari entriyan to dil me baji ghantiyaan rey ton ton ton ton"
    Seen this song peepz? I cannot take my eyes off Ranveer, I mean he is dancing with such vigour and such is his body language and style that I just cannot help but ignore Arjun Kapoor. He looks like background... I wouldn't even know that he exists as a hero in the film!
    Stupid observation right!!
  2. On the contrary, am loving Arjun Kapoor in the "2 States" promo.. He is looking so Chetan Bhagatishhhh.. The "PUNJABI puttar" with those geeky glasses and a HOT HOT girfriend :P
  3. Seen the promos for "Mai tera hero".. the song "Tera dhyan kidhar hai, tera hero idhar hai".. Such an awesome pack Varun Dhawan looks.. awesome expressions, dance moves! I mean each time I see the song, I cannot move my eyes off him.. If there is someone after Shahid Kapoor who can do the tapori kinda dance well, it's Varun!!
  4. I like Sonam Kapoor's style! She is a stylista, but I don't know how much is her share in deciding what she wears in the films she acts.. Saw the movie "Aisha" [yawn..] only for the clothes... Now I wanna see "Bevkufiyann" for the same reason and also for the cutie pie Ayushmann and obviously Rishi Kapoor.. but people say it's a bad idea.. Killer heels and pencil skirts!! Drooling over Sonam's clothes already!
  5. Have you seen Arvind Kejriwal on the T.V. during interviews/other appearences? You must have obviously. I have no clue why he is always sneezing/coughing, that too straight at the camera!!
    Bade log, bade log!!
Told ya!! It's a stupid post!

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