Monday, July 9, 2012

Growing up..

              As I rest myself alone in my room hearing the rain drops falling outside, I look at my palms.The lines all dark and embedded deep, they say these lines carve a future for me, something I never understood how. Strange, if lines had the power to carve my future, wouldn't I have a plastic surgeon style them in a way to bring all I want.

                As I look at myself in the mirror, I ask myself, ‘Have I grown up?'. Life is changing. I am no more the kid I was who wouldn't bother about what the world thinks. I have to think now that what I do or say does not hurt people. I can't simply restrict my life to school, studies, parents, friends and myself. There is so much more to it now. No more am I the fresher at office, who could have shyly smiled at seniors. With seniority comes responsibility and with responsibility, maturity. Situations make you dance on fingertips or maybe walk on burning coal, and you really do not have a choice. Cannot run as you are not a coward, so fight. And one day if you are tired, rest and stem back to life. No more is life around lollipops and Cadburys, neither is it about nail paints and lip balms any more. Strange, once upon a time the things which had the most importance have been left behind now.

                So, when my heart still stays young, the body ages and the mind matures. Unwanted worries, tensions, kilos, inches bother me. And they say this is life!!

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