Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why I prefer my loneliness over company

          Strange enough and way beyond my understanding, I don't know why this is coming from me just today! I have been waiting to write this and that for so more than a fortnight now, but work pressure, shifting to a new place, water woes and commitments are keeping me far from signing in.. My bad entirely.
          Well, I love being alone, many of us do. It has its advantages. You do not have to be answerable to anyone. No need to tell where you went , with whom, what for,why you wore that dress, why you still wanna keep that old baggy t-shirt which make you look shabby, why don't you get a haircut, why the red nail paint sucks, why you should control your diet, why the added inches and multiplied kilos,why this and why not that.. the list can be never ending. Why can't we just stay alone in solace? Why did God want us to be social animals? Why do we constantly need someone to be by our side? Why is living alone difficult? Why do we love it when some one pampers us, why is it that words of love make us forget all the wrong some one did against us, why is it that just a look at the person we love makes us forget everything they had said or done to hurt us? Why can't our heart be like one solid stone? There are so many advantages of being alone, then why aren't we happy being alone. And why can't our happiness lie in what we prefer?
          So, when I know there are so many advantages of my loneliness, why do I still prefer company. I prefer being lonely and keep my sorrows and happiness to myself. Why is it wrong to do so? It may not be that I love to be alone but yes, I prefer and I am yet to ascertain why. 

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