Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yipeee, we won!!

So this post comes real late, like a month after we won the second prize at the cooking competition in office. The decision to take part was very very random and unthought of, but thanks to RS and NS, we won.. Yes we did girls... I still can't forget the confused look on RS face when our name was called out and AA had to actually push her past the crowd to join NS and me to take the humble bow.
The rules din't allow usage of gas ,microwave,induction plates etc for cooking. We were supposed to assemble a chaat and a mocktail for the first round(read  cook-something-which-we-had never-done-before) But we managed to clear this round. We made a chaat platter and kiwi-almond mocktail which we gleefully called "Splitzy Splash". The color was mesmerizing and the chaat was tasty.As soon as the judges left and we three were hugging each other , the chaat platter was empty. Take a look.. I made the little white flowers, we'd attached to the stirrers to personalize them.

Jhatpat chatpat- our chaat platter

                                                              The mocktail

We were glad to have cleared the first round but the second round brought more challanges. A dessert and any side dish of our choice, and choices bring challenges I tell you. It ws Ns's plan to cook Cous-Cous, a moroccon dish, and it turned out to be awesome.We named it "Cous-Cous hota hai". The dessert was yummy too.
Cous-Cous hota hai... The Moroccon way..

Gor-geous... For your sweet tooth!!

All smiles after winning !!

Thankyou NS and RS and RS's mommy - Impossible without you. Love you!!

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