Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blogathon 2015 #Day23 - Food Food!!

If you know me, you'd know I love eating! But my tummy can only take so much... So when I'd hangry [read angry when hungry],hubby would take me to a food joint and I'd be satisfied in less than half the portion he'd order .... but this post is not about me...

We were all single ready to mingle... and mingle we did... The group which included a couple with their baby and all single people became a group which included a couple and newly marrieds! All of us got married to our partners over a period of three months and then started the home parties. Till then we'd hangout at food joints, dance at pubs and had pyjama parties.. now we have awesome home parties which start in the evening and end at dawn. And now that we know that the way to man's stomach is through their stomach, everybody tries their best to gear up and cook some nice food.
The last party made us munch on some very very yummy English food.. Bread loaves with baked beans being the talk of the town and then there was chicken, paneer capsicum, potato cutlets and Russian salad, and a yummy fruit salad for our taste buds.. and all this home made!! Don't know how much time the couple must have spent getting all this together and then assembling it on the dinning table before we hogged in! The mayonnaise for the salad was also home made and was very tasty...

Now we have decided that we'd try different cuisines and not just stick to Indian food. Come March, and we'll be celebrating Hubby's birthday... Please suggest guys... what cuisine should I try... something which is tasty, medium on the scale of difficulty to prepare and ingredients available in Pune!!

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