Monday, January 12, 2015

Blogathon2015 #Day12 - And this is how I write a post!

A bullet point post ahead on what happens when it is my EOD time in office and I haven't yet written a blog post and I know I won't be able to write one after reaching home -
1. Check the time
2. Open blog and click on new post
3. Scratch my head for a topic to write something about
4. Scratch some more and realize scratching doesn't help
5. Think about all the posts and articles read since morning, check feedly for new posts
6. Let realization dawn in that I cannot write anything even matching what fellow bloggers have written
7. Think about giving up blogging and close the window
8. Reopen the window with a strong determination to write
9. Check cell phone gallery for anything to be added as a picture post.. Rule out all the options
10. Think about the atrocities in the world , but find no words to write them down
11. Think about what I ate and the sucking feeling after that and decide not to rant about food    @office
12. Promise myself to get tiffin from tomorrow
13. Check the time and realize I have already wasted my precious blogging time
14. Start updating my daily status and writing work emails
15. Remember the pain in blogging via cell phone
16. Return back to blogger
17. Write the post title and start writing a post and realize I have nothing to write about it
18. Reply to gurlies on hangout
19. Talk to hubby on the phone as to when he'd leave
20. Then finally 5 minutes before leaving office and running down 5 floors to catch the bus, quickly jotting down a bullet point post which is a total waste of time... Hehehe feel like writing and humming to "Love is a waste of time, ee to hai waste of time" from the movie PK!!

Bbbye people!!
Happy blogging... 12 days done already :)

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