Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blogathon2015 #Day20 - Stupid

Stupid person... leading to a stupid post

Every twenty minutes and the chair is pushed behind, the screeching itching my ears.
A 180 degree rotation and he gets up. Moving to the guy just behind me, he stares at my machine.
I instantly press Windows + D, showing him my desktop.. with the wallpaper screaming , "Mind your own business". But that doesn't alter his intentions and he keeps staring. I sometimes stand up and ask if he has any business and he gives me a crooked smile.. If I don't he'd continue looking till he actually has to look away...

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Stupid guy, I guess doesn't have any work of his own. Not very long back, he told me I wasn't supposed to play games on my cell phone and I asked him how did he know I played games.. To which he replied the senior manager told him. Now the senior manager comes to this branch like once in a fortnight and I guess he has no work but to stare in my cell phone! Wowie.. see how popular I am! The next time he stares, I am gonna tell him this is my PERSONAL computer and by PERSONAL, I do not give him any rights to peep in without my permission. Totally pissed off...

Have you had a manager like this?

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