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Just books! Ajaya: Roll of the Dice (Epic of the Kaurava Clan #1) - My review

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The kinds to be interested in knowing both the sides of a coin, this book kept me engaged! I am eagerly waiting for the sequel - Rise of the Kali.We think of Krishna as the God and Pandavas as the ones who were right, but it's great to think about the Kauravas. Were they really wrong? Or were they proven wrong as part of the big plan. Why were they renamed from Suyodhana, Sushasana.. to Duryodhana?
The author has beautifully woven a magical world where you get engulfed and feel for Duryodhana. His humanitarian ways, his friendship with Karna, his love for Subhadra and his marriage to Bhanumati - all feel so real! The description of the architectures is wonderful. I could actually imagine the castle build for the Pandavas. Some parts of the book make you think and re-think, like the one where Gandhari asks Draupadi why she chose to be the wife of five brothers and she wittingly replies.
Must read if you love reading mythology!
Suddenly, my view about the Pandavas being right and moral is on the scales. Maybe they were humane too and made mistakes but so did the Kauravas! I can write more and more, but I guess that would just be a spoiler, so just telling you to read!!
The 4 stars for the awesome story telling and the way the book unfolds mysteries, the one less star coz sometimes I just felt lost, the introduction of the Nishads, Takshaka's story - don't know if I really needed as much is provided. Also I have been waiting for the sequel and I am still waiting... Over all, it's a good read :)

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