Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why I have the Myntra app and why you should have it on your cell phone!!

The hubby has a great heart. He conveniently hands over his credit card to his clothes-loving-wife to buy what her heart wishes. He is bad at gifting, bad at deciding if I’d like what he selects for me. Given our work schedules and the little time we spent together, the shopper-who-shopped-almost-everyday in me had died. I’d end up not buying clothes for months and then cribbing about it. Shopping didn’t give much respite too… Take out a week end, dedicate it to shopping, finish the everyday chores, roam around in malls, get tired and come out with a single top and maybe a pair of shorts!! Both of us would be irritated at the end! If I’d ever venture out alone, I’d want him to see the options and help me decide. So, I’d end up not buying anything.
Now imagine this-
Imagine never having to spend hours in a crowded mall!
Imagine having the whole weekend to yourself, just relaxing!
Imagine the possibilities when you don’t really have to go out and shop!
Imagine having a whole lot of brands just at the click of a button!
This and much more- just by downloading the MYNTRA app on your mobile!
Back from office, have food, put on the air conditioner and conveniently browse clothes on the mobile! Can life be any better!!So, now be it Valentine’s Day or my birthday or anniversary, the hubby happily pulls out his phone navigates to the Myntra app and helps me shop! Here’s why I love the Myntra app and here’s why you should love it too-
1.     It’s easy buying anything anywhere!
You may be at home or at office or travelling. All you need is your cell phone and an internet connection. Viola! Browse, select and order! Immediate mood booster  :)

2.     Variety and brands!
Talk about variety and brands, you name it and they have it!
Mango – ch eck
Steve Madden – check
Veromoda – check
Only – check
Chemistry - check
Levis - check
Lee - check
Citizen- check
Caprese and many many more!

3.     Easy decision making
Difficulty deciding which one to buy. Of course you can buy all of them or you can conveniently show your wish list to your loved ones and help them decide [or order for you!! ;)]
4.     Discounts
With Myntra, it’s raining discounts - a whopping 25% discount using the mobile app.

5.     Happy assistance
The Myntra app has this amazing assistance. You can filter on brands, colors, discounts, item types, sizes and you can even fix a range between which you wanna shop! Happy shopping!

6.     Myntra Lookgood
Wanna look good! Want style tips, trick – just open the Myntra app and get a whole to read and digest and implement

7.     Inner wear and nightwear
Easy lingerie shopping with a whole lot of variety and brands!
8.     Its #Personal!!
Myntra is going personal! No more thinking about the weather or counting on others to help you shop. Just download the Myntra app and personalize it for your use.

 Ask experts, read articles, order, be happy when the order is delivered and look good!
Your very own one stop shop for all your style needs! 

#ItsPersonal #MyntraApp #MyntraGoingMobileAppOnly

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