Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The "Maid" post...

As soon as I start writing this post, I have so many things to write about.. I can actually have a daily season dedicated to the "MAIDS" in question. But what happened today needs a special mention, so here it is -

The one where she winks!!
I need the maid to come at 7:30 am, so that she can sweep and mop the floor and clean the utensils when I am around and I get enough time to get ready and catch the office bus at 8:25 am. But sure like hell, she doesn't. The last few days we had guests over, so she'd conveniently turn up late and I didn't make a fuss out of it, coz I really needed her to come. With the cook on leave, the utensils would be a problem, so the maid would wash the utensils till the cook comes back. Yesterday morning, I spoke to her and told her to come on time. She said she couldn't get up on time. She had to cook for a group of bachelors before coming to our place, so she'd end up coming late at our place. I made it clear that the guests will be gone and she'd need to start coming on time. She just smiled and said yes.
Today morning, she did not turn up till 8:00 am. I stepped out of the shower and the door bell rang. The hubby opened the door and I dressed up and went out to speak to her. I told her it didn't work like this and she needs to turn up at 7:30. To which she smiled and said, "I am unable to get up on time. You understand right? I am sleeping late. You are married, you understand right?" and she winked at me... giving an equally strange smile.. I looked at the hubby and didn't know what to do... He stood there rubbing his eyes and unable to understand the amused look on my face!! #Facepalm moment.

Quickly I gulped down my glass of milk and rushed to catch the bus!!
Yes I am married and I understand :P

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