Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happy Birthday !!

      If you'd be with us today Dad, it would be your happy 55th birthday. You always said you had a steel body and that you will always be young. Little did we know that you'd leave us so soon that the memory of a young you would be etched in our memories. Had you been here Dad, we would be hosting a grand party. We would sit together and call everyone who hadn't yet called to wish you a happy birthday. We would decide on a menu and then get our hands dirty and kitchen messy cooking with mummy. But alas! Dad you aren't here with us today and I am such a plethora of emotions right now, that I do not know how to react.
      I agree that the best flowers get plucked the first, but it is so much easier said and heard. When it you who is experiencing it first hand, it is just an inconsolable sorrow,  something time cannot cure and a void which can never be failed. If I could, I would rewind my life and relive all the moments we lived together. Till date , I do not remember even a single day in my life when I haven't thought about you... I could never have imagined my life without you, yet I am here - living it.
      Every situation makes me think what I would have done if you were with us. I want to share my happiness with,cry with you about the things that make me feel bad, but I can do nothing of it. Dad, the void is too big, it stretched beyond borders and no amount of time gives respite. It is very difficult without you. But we try, we try to live, we try to smile, we sob... We miss you loads.. Every moment is incomplete.

      I hope you are happy where ever you are, sharing a drink with the Almighty. So, Cheers to your birthday Dad.. Happy 55!! And no matter what, you'll always be young, just like you wanted.
      "Kehne ko saath apane ek duniya chalti hai 
      Per chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai
      Bas yaad saath hai..."

I lost my Dad in a tragic road accident. Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one. Please do not drink and drive. You'd never know that what might seem like a third party insurance to you, might actually break a family and break many dreams. Please wear seat belts. Please wear helmets. Better safe than sorry.

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