Monday, November 13, 2017

Of cats and chocolates and chicken...

I have been dirtying the last few pages of my books since I was a child. The tiny scribbling wasn't restrained to pages, it was on my clothes and all other places I could draw. But today when I do them all I get is peace. You can represent someone by pictures. Doodles are great - random doodles to freshen the mind, thought of doodles depicting a person, patterns which go and and create some thing beautiful!!I love all of them. Adding to my card collection is yet another doodle - about some one who is a proud cat daddy to three cute cats, loves eating chicken,fries and desserts and is a cartoon lover!

Have a look !! Hope you love seeing it as much as I loved creating it...

And here is the inside -

Do you like it? Would you give someone a personalized card like that?
Your views are welcome!!

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