Thursday, November 23, 2017

Workplace updates!!

After a tryst with a couple of short term projects, I have finally landed into a long term one. Well it has been going on from a long time, so hoping it continues. This workplace is different, there is neither a cubicle nor a designated desk space. Instead, there is a huge table and people sit around it. Well, it is really weird, and given that I do not know anyone around it becomes more weird. I feel out of place and am taking my sweet time to adjust. Not only is it weird sitting next to each other, but the very feeling of not having any personal space is driving me nuts. Besides my handbag now has to rest on the floor, if all the chairs are full. Not happy. My desk accessories have moved base to my wardrobe at home and the lone cute giraffe roams around the table. She has got more friends than I do :D The good part is that there is a human size window and I can stare outside when I do not have work. This stand and stare time is reducing day-by-day with some days being busy enough not to pull blinds off the window, but when I do get time , I pull the blinds and stare outside. I was lucky to see a huge parrot one morning. It was so serene though that I couldn't muster using my cell to click a pic. Wednesday afternoon, it was a bit cloudy and this is what I could see from the window..

Spare the picture quality.. It doesn't look green at all.. but it was. Greenery and clouds and the temple standing in all its glory.. Can you see the tiny bird flying away from the frame ??? What can you see from your workplace?

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