Monday, June 4, 2012


        As I opened the window , the soft sun rays brushed across my face, gently swinging my hair. The warmth made me feel good like a bear hug from a loved one. As I stared aimlessly at the swaying coconut trees, a nearby row house caught my glance. The back door of the house opened into a small kitchen garden. I couldn't see and recognize all the plants, but it was beautiful and colorful. What really caught my eye was the fence.. As I contracted my retina, I noticed the fence was made of wooden parts, in hues of yellow,gray,red and white. I was trying to find a pattern, grey-white-yellow-red.. nope grey-yellow-white-red.. there was none But still it looked beautiful in its own unique way.
        Not trying to write any philosophy (*sigh* I cant hope I could) but I could actually rhyme it with life.. Sometimes dark, sometimes light , sometimes pleasant and sometimes just fine, it need not be in any pattern, but once mixed the outcome is a complete frame..

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