Monday, June 4, 2012

Ice Ice Baby!!

I'd always fancied the Brewer's cafe right above Big bazaar each time I walked past it.Don't ask me why!!

Sunday afternoon :- So when finally on a hot (literally , in terms of the sun and my mood ) afternoon, when I stepped inside, I dint want to ask more. The smell of the coffee put me in a trance, but I dint want to drink hot coffee and cold coffee is really not my thing. So, I ended up ordering an orange slush and cool blue (curacao). Loved both of them, just that the cool blue had a lot of syrup so I had to refill the ice cubes to get my perfect cool-blue-on-the -rocks.

Fast forward >> Monday morning :- As I rush to office, I see a truck with loads of really huge ice blocks.Uncovered and lying on the dirty base of the truck, all I could say was 'yuckkkkk....' . As the truck sped across, I could see the overhead trees shedding their unwanted leaves over it and birdies shitting (poor birds how would they know !!) .So next time when you request for those ice cubes or even suck on that ice gola, do remember this dirty truck with even dirtier ice blocks...

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