Thursday, June 28, 2012

That morning walk

Its a summer dawn.The stars are still shining bright.I secretly slip in your room and wake you up. Its our time!! As I get ready, you are already waiting with your tracks. As I hurriedly try tying my shoe laces, you cutely tie one of them for me. How happy I feel!! We start walking then jogging. As the cold air sways my hair, I feel happy being with you, you know the protection you feel when you are with an elder brother!! As we run through the lanes, we pass a group of dogs. You know I'd be afraid. You change sides with me and shoo away the dogs. Maybe it dint mean anything to you, but meant a lot to me. A protective hand - I knew you'd be there for me. I try playing you sometimes , rather all the times I am with kiddy.
Each time I see you, this incident bounces back. Growing made us go far. Our lives, studies, jobs, what and what nots, but I still love and respect you like I did then.
Happy birthday bhaiya!!

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