Monday, June 4, 2012

How I can be a b**** at times!!

         So now, when I am so pissed of about appraisals and promotions, when I could have written a complete thesis on self help stuff and how it doesnt really help me when I need it the most and how I feel that I am that special "ONE" whom the snake bites each time I'd climb a ladder at the next dice throw, he is being congratulated. F** such managers should never be congratulated if they dont know what it means to appreciate and motivate their subordinates, when they dont understand that humans are prone to make errors and that code cannot always be bug free, that explaining requirements in words and not penning them down does create issues and the end product thus differs from the required one.So, everyone is turning back and wishing and we have people coming over to shower good lucks, the b**** I am dont even bother to turn back and look at the crowd. Not that it either affects them or me. But I dont have to be all goody and cutie all the time and be good to people whom I dont care about.
         I dont know why I used the word b****, I find female labradors pretty cute and nice. Why is the word bitch so offensive then??

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